354: Interview with Frank Karlitschek of Nextcloud

On this episode of Destination Linux (354), Frank Karlitschek of Nextcloud joins us for an interview at the Ubuntu Summit to discuss Nextcloud, the importance of self-hosting, Open Source, KDE, and more.

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Special Guest:

Frank Karlitschek
Link: https://nextcloud.com

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00:00 Destination Linux 354 Intro
00:26 Community Feedback
04:20 NAMECHEAP – [ link ]
05:18 Interview Frank Karlitschek from Nextcloud
30:47 LINBIT – [ link ]
32:05 Gaming: Cosmic Carnage Prologue – [ link ]
35:44 Software Spotlight: Impression – [ link ]
37:04 Tips and Tricks: Community Feedback
40:31 Events
42:04 Outro

Tip of the Week

apropos -s 1 “” | shuf -n 1

Full Message:

“Hello everyone! love the show. Been a Linux user for a little bit now and I get lots of tips and tricks from you guys. I wanted to share a trick I recently started using to learn commands/tools/stuff. There are so many commands and functions that I would feel overwhelmed learning about them. I came across the apropos command using the -s 1 “” when using that options you will see tons of output and their definitions. This is where your anxiety starts. BUT if you pipe that into the shuf command followed by -n 1 it will output one random command with the brief definition. The full command would be apropos -s 1 “” | shuf -n 1 I then put this in my bashrc start up so when I log into the system it will output one of those random commands. I will then take that one output and make it my mission to know everything I can about it by the end of the day. (if its something I already know, I will run the command until I see something new) Hope someone finds this helpful. Keep marching!”

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Notable Replies

  1. This was a great interview! Not only do i love NextCloud - both its technology offering but also the spirit and intent of the overall project - but is it me or does everyone often feel better even after only hearing Frank speak about nextcloud!?! I know that i always feel better about using nextcloud after hearing Frank speak/present. I actually trust that he - and the rest of the nextcloud org. - has/have the best intentions for the project, and that my best interests as a user are supported. I really hope that they stay on this positive trajectory, and that their suite of tools and platform keeps improving!!!

    Also, as always, great job Team Destination Linux for running such a nice interview!

    cough cough Go muffins! cough cough :wink:

    • Mars
  2. Confused about the apropos parameters. The one’s given in the program notes don’t work. But this seems to: apropos -s 1 ‘’ | shuf -n 1

    OK, so you need the double quotes when adding the command to your .bashrc. But as a command line alone, you have to use single quotes.

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