353: Interview with Mark Shuttleworth at the Ubuntu Summit

On this episode of Destination Linux (353), Mark Shuttleworth joins us for an interview at the Ubuntu Summit to discuss Ubuntu, Ubuntu Summit, AI, the importance of open-source contributions and the positive impact it can have on industries.

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Special Guests:

Mark Shuttleworth
Link: https://ubuntu.com

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00:00 Destination Linux 353 Intro
00:49 Community Feedback
07:47 NAMECHEAP – [ link ]
08:46 Interview: Mark Shuttleworth
27:40 LINBIT – [ link ]
28:58 Interview: Mark Shuttleworth Cont.
43:52 Gaming: MrBid an AI Generated game
45:33 Software Spotlight: Exercise Timer
47:34 Tips and Tricks: Alternativeto
49:13 Events
50:17 Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. Still a little puzzled why you have not mentioned Wger for exercise/nutrition logging?

  2. Why does the graphic for this episode show Exlusive and not ExClusive?

    Also the link in my podcast catcher points to 352

  3. I have the same error here.

  4. We did, back on episode 323 in May of last year.

    Ooops, my bad, thanks for reporting. Fixing now.
    Edit: Fixed

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