On this episode of Destination Linux (352), we have another awesome interview lined up for you. Michael sits down with Randy Packer, from DreamWorks, to talk about their open-source projects. Let’s get this show on the road toward Destination Linux!

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Special Guests:

Randy Packer
Link: https://openmoonray.org/

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0:00:00 Destination Linux 352 Intro
0:00:29 Community Feedback
0:09:46 NAMECHEAP [ link ]
0:10:45 Interview with DreamWorks from the Ubuntu Summit
0:45:39 LINBIT [ link ]
0:46:57 Gaming: Printsim [ link ]
0:51:53 Software Spotlight: Coppwr [ link ]
0:55:17 Tips and Tricks: Gift Giving
1:01:00 Events
1:02:25 Outro

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