348: Interview with Alexis Noetinger of Murena: /e/OS, Pro-Privacy Smartphones, Murena Cloud

On this episode of Destination Linux (348), we’re going to interview Alexis Noetinger, the COO of Murena. We talk about Murena’s privacy respecting Smartphones, /e/OS mobile operating system, Murena Cloud services and more. Plus, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. Lets get this show on the road toward Destination Linux!

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00:00:00 Destination Linux 348 Intro
00:00:33 NAMECHEAP – [ link ]
00:03:06 Interview with the COO of Murena – [ link ]
00:59:03 LINBIT – [ link ]
01:00:22 Software Spotlight: TigerVNC – [ link ]
01:02:07 Tips & Tricks: Spreadsheet Formulas – [ link ]
01:07:12 Events
01:07:57 Outro

Tip of the Week:

The equal sign is your best friend and the start of making formulas in Excel, OnlyOffice Spreadsheets and virtually any spreadsheet software worth it’s weight. You can hit = in an empty cell under a colum of numbers and type =sum to sum up numbers

= count to count the number of cells
= average to average the row
= LEN to count the length

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