342: Whoa there openSUSE! Slow ya roll

On this episode of Destination Linux (342), we’ll be diving into the world of rolling release distributions and exploring the latest developments in foldable laptops. We’ll also discuss listener emails and upcoming events. Plus, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. Let’s get this show on the road toward Destination Linux!

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SHOW NOTES ►► https://destinationlinux.net/342

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Notable Replies

  1. Instead of openSUSE starting an entirely new distribution that slowly rolls out updates, why not just have the user to choose whichever repository he or she wants; whether it’s Tumbleweed or Slowroll? That way a user can switch easily as his or her needs change.

    Am I missing something that makes that difficult? I’m certainly able to change which repository in Ubuntu that the system checks for updates. It’s right there in Dolphin settings.

  2. Wow! This site brings back sooo many memories!

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