340: Open Source AI from Fujitsu & AI Tools added to Nextcloud

On this episode of Destination Linux (340), Fujitsu makes some cool advances in AI for Open Source Software. Then we’re going to discuss a major update for Nextcloud. Plus, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. Let’s get this show on the road toward Destination Linux!

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Jill Bryant = https://jilllinuxgirl.com

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00:00 DL 340 Intro
00:51 Community Feedback
13:53 LINBIT
15:11 Fujitsi Advances AI For OSS
26:59 Nextcloud Hub 6
44:05 Gaming: Pikuniku
47:36 Software Spotlight: Spotify Flatpak
51:54 Tip of the Week: Progress
53:23 Events: SCaLE
55:38 Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. Are you sure that onlyoffice is a featured integration of Hub 6? It looks to me like on their page that they are featuring “Text” (Nextcloud Office) which seems to be a version of Collabora rather than Onlyoffice, and I don’t see Onlyoffice on this page at all:

    I would prefer Onlyoffice too but in my recent trials with Nextcloud, Onlyoffice has been hard to get working to actually save and update files, especially with multiple simultaneous editing users at once. It seems to work sometime but my experience was that the edits were not saved back to the Nextcloud server on a reliable basis. The Collabora option has worked for me but not the Onlyoffice.

    Hopefully this has changed? You are running Onlyoffice successfully without a separate onlyoffice server as indicated here? I am using a Cloudron install, and perhaps that is my issue, so I am curious as to your configuration.

  2. Dear Ryan, it is so awesome that you have a Fairphone with e/OS/!!! Me and my wife got FP3s and use them with e/OS/ for some years and we are so happy to have them. It is so good that maybe more people will check out e/OS/ due to your awesome podcast :slight_smile: Of course, I know it is an european product and software (Greetings from the State of Hesse), nevertheless it is worth to try it.
    Best greetings also to Jill and Michael, you are a great team!

  3. I’ve ran e on a Moto phone before. When I was rooting and roaming my Oneplus 9,that ROM wasn’t available (currently on Linage). I should check to see if it is an option now.

  4. I have a stack of Fijitsu Life books @ctlinux sent me for educational purposes. Kids have learned Python, used them for robotics and all kids of fun stuff. Awesome little laptops!

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