338: Reverse Psychology Tech Support

On this episode of Destination Linux (338), we deep dive a community feedback that takes us into encrpytion, learning the cli, and containerization. Then we’re going to discuss some new AI tricks that might leave you feeling creeped out. Plus, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. Let’s get this show on the road toward Destination Linux!

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Jill Bryant = https://jilllinuxgirl.com

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00:00 DL 338 Intro
00:45 Community Feedback
01:51 Learning Linux CLI & GUI
06:25 Full Disk Encryption on Linux (afer install)
10:58 Podman for Containerization vs Docker?
11:55 Backup Solution Reccomendations
30:16 Reverse Psycology Deployed
31:01 Accessibility in KDE Plasma
31:29 LINBIT (www.linbit.com)
32:47 AI is getting creepy thanks to Google’s Duet AI virtual proxies
46:35 Gaming: Metroplex Zero
52:10 Software Spotlight: Mousai
56:49 Tip of the Week: sed cheatsheet
58:49 Outro

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Notable Replies

  1. Hello Majestic Michael,

    Wonderful show as always! I always enjoy hearing talk about containers; fascinating technology.

    So I was wondering, does Ryan work well in a container?


    Peace, Love and Linux!


  2. thank you!

    I dont know if anything can make Ryan work well :smiley: lol

  3. :grin:

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