334: Trying To Make Open Source Illegal?!

On this episode of Destination Linux (334), we discuss some trying to make make open source illegal. No, we’re not making this up, there are people who are pushing for this. Then we’re going to give you some upbeat news about Zorin OS to make up for the first topic. Also, we have some feedback on telemetry. Plus, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. So join us on the journey to Destination Linux.

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00:00:00 DL 334 Intro
00:00:44 Community Feedback about Fedora Data Collection
00:11:54 LINBIT – [ linbit.com ]
00:13:12 Should Open Source Be Illegal?! – [ links: one, two, three ]
00:40:27 News: Zorin OS 16.3 Released – [ link ]
00:51:28 Gaming: Terminal 81 – [ link ]
00:59:54 Software Spotlight: Facteur – [ link ]
01:01:26 Tip of the Week but don’t do it – [ link ]
01:05:47 Outro

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