333: Linux Desktop Marketshare Increases & RHEL’s Attack of the Clones

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On this episode of Destination Linux (333), AlmaLinux is making some waves in the Enterprise Linux world. Linux desktop marketshare has broken a usage barrier. And we help out a mate from Australia with finding a silent keyboard. Plus of course, we have our tips, tricks and software picks for you. So join us on the journey to Destination Linux.

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Jill Bryant = https://jilllinuxgirl.com

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00:00 DL 333 Intro
01:00 Community Feedback
– Logitech
– Superbcco
– Jelly Comb
– Roccat
15:19 LINBIT – https://linbit.com
16:37 Linux Desktop Marketshare Increases to 3% – [ link ]
31:07 AlmaLinux Reacts to Red Hat’s RHEL Source Code Changes – [ link ]
41:47 Gaming: Pincrediball – [ link ]
46:54 Software Spotlight: JamesDSP for Linux – [ link ]
49:57 Tip of the Week: how to see if you are using Wayland or Xorg [ echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE ]
52:55 Outro

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  1. Thanks, everyone! I’m hopelessly behind on my DL podcasts but hopped onto the RHEL Clones section today for this one. I agree Alma have certainly seemed classy from the outset and remain so. I’m intending to get back into bug triaging for KDE soon and definitely plan to look at contributions to Alma and CentOSStream if able at some stage :slight_smile:

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