Ubuntu 18.04 Should Use KDE Plasma – Part 2

Part 1: https://youtu.be/F1i7jAtHcw4 Patreon: https://tuxdigital.com/patreon This is a follow up to my video about “Why Ubuntu 18.04 Should Use KDE Plasma Instead of GNOME“. In this video, I’m going to address a few items I forgot to mention, correct a mistake from the previous video as well as respond to viewer feedback. Topics: 00:21 =…
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Why Ubuntu 18.04 Should Use KDE Plasma Instead of GNOME

I think it was a mistake for Canonical to have chosen GNOME rather than KDE Plasma and in this video I explain why. Essentially it boils down to the fact that the vast majority of features in Ubuntu’s Unity are already available in KDE Plasma, most of which are available by default. Canonical could maintain…
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My Responsive Grid View Feature for Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique

This is a video that demonstrates a feature that I added to improve the application display of the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique. This feature adds a “Grid View” or “Column View” to the Ubuntu MATE Software Boutique. One of my favorite aspects of this feature is the automatic adjustments it makes and the fluid animation…
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Manage Your Apps and Jumplists on GTK-based Linux Distros with MenuLibre

In this video, I show how to manage your applications and app Jumplists on GTK based Linux Distros using a great menu editor called MenuLibre.