I am so excited to launch the official website of TuxDigital! TuxDigital.com is the new main place for all of the Linux related content that I want to create and share with everyone. On this site, I will be posting the videos, livestreams, tutorials and even written articles to help others Use, Learn and Enjoy Linux. I am a big Linux enthusiast so I am so excited to start using this site as a place to share my passion with you.

I’ll admit, this site is not complete because I plan do be making content for a very long time so in a way it likely won’t ever technically be “complete” but with that said I have a lot of things planned for the future of this website.

Here’s a list of things this site will contain starting now and I’ll mention of things I have planned at the end of this post.

  1. RSS Feeds for easily subscribing to the TuxDigital podcasts including support for mobile podcasting apps
  2. Better Organization for TuxDigital content including specific sections for each podcast, like This Week in Linux
  3. TuxDigital Blog (this) where I’ll be posting all of the videos, tutorials, articles and even channel news, like this
  4. Improved Segment Indexes for videos as they will no longer be limited to YouTube’s description system
  5. Adding Downloads sections for each episode of the TuxDigital podcasts
  6. Linux Explained has been promoted to an official podcast/series
  7. How To Pronounce is a new series where I’ll be providing the preferred pronunciations of various Linux and Open Source projects
  8. For those looking to contribute, I’ve created a Contribute page where you can find a variety of ways that you can help TuxDigital continue and grow
  9. Games On Sale section to help my fellow gamers save some money when they are looking to buy some new games

In addition to all of the above, I also plan to be adding a LOT more content and sections in the future including a Livestreaming section, Linux Gaming section, and maybe even a TuxDigital store where I make some cool custom Linux Swag. I have a lot of ideas for the future of TuxDigital so be sure to subscribe to the RSS Feeds, follow the channel on Social Media, subscribe on YouTube or any other way you’d like to keep up to date with all things TuxDigital. 😀