How To Pronounce: SUSE ||

This is a pronunciation guide for the Linux-based corporation SUSE and their related operating systems.

SUSE, Yes Please! – Parody Music Video

Let’s face it, there are some Linux related projects that have interesting names and many of them are hard to pronounce at first glance. This series provides a definitive source for How To Pronounce the names of these projects.

Segment Index

  • 00:08 = Pronunciation
  • 00:14 = Brief History of SUSE
  • 00:30 = Meaning of Original Acronym
  • 00:44 = Acronym vs Initialism
  • 01:26 = SUSE relation to openSUSE
  • 01:44 = Why I Made This Series
  • 02:25 = SUSE, Yes Please Parody Outro