7 Reasons Why Firefox Is My Favorite Web Browser

Here are 7 Reasons why Firefox is my favorite web browser to use. This is an opinion video and I don’t expect everyone agree with me but these are some of the reasons that I prefer to use Firefox over any other browser. There are many other reasons but I had to draw a line somewhere. 😀

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Segment Index

  • 00:46 = Open Source & Free Software
  • 01:39 = Firefox Cares About the User Experience
  • 07:51 = Firefox Uses Less Memory/Resources Than Chrome/ium
  • 09:29 = Firefox Sync / Firefox Accounts (plus the other Firefox Services)
  • 14:17 = Firefox Color (Easy UI Customization)
  • 16:09 = Firefox’s Bookmarks System (Keyword Bookmarks & Bookmark Searching)
  • 25:32 = Multi-Account Containers (Container Tabs)

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