Why Ubuntu 18.04 Should Use KDE Plasma Instead of GNOME

I think it was a mistake for Canonical to have chosen GNOME rather than KDE Plasma and in this video I explain why. Essentially it boils down to the fact that the vast majority of features in Ubuntu’s Unity are already available in KDE Plasma, most of which are available by default. Canonical could maintain the switch to Qt that Unity 8 started, maintain the design vision that Mark Shuttleworth wanted all the while not having to hack on the code of the KDE Plasma desktop environment much and in some cases at all.

Note* – be sure to check out the follow up, Part 2 video.

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Segment Index

  • 00:15 – Why Ubuntu Should Use KDE Plasma
  • 01:03 – Unity Launcher
  • 02:35 – Global Menu
  • 03:18 – Left Window Controls
  • 03:52 – Super Number Launching
  • 04:23 – Top Right Indicators
  • 04:33 – Sound Menu Applet
  • 04:52 – System Menu
  • 05:15 – Merge Panel/Titlebar on Maximize
  • 05:51 – KWin No Borders is Awesome
  • 06:13 – Recent Files in Dash
  • 06:33 – Jumplists
  • 06:41 – Alt+Tab Application Switching
  • 07:08 – Workspace Switcher
  • 07:28 – HUD (Heads Up Display)
  • 09:26 – Prototype Unity in Plasma Package
  • 10:28 – End Screen

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